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Overpaying Sales Tax?

Refund and Exposure ReviewYes, it’s a problem! Even if you have a highly trained, expert state sales tax staff, you could be overpaying sales tax to the state. State sales tax laws are vague to begin with and change often. A refund review can save a great deal of money.

Under Audit?

State Tax Audit DefenseSales tax audits can put companies out of business. Because of our deep experience and first-hand knowledge of state auditing procedures, PJCo will advocate on your behalf to minimize a state’s assessment and ensure the most favorable result possible.

Got Nexus?

Peisner Johnson, What is Nexus?Nexus is the minimum connection or link necessary, which allows a state to tax you or force you to collect taxes on its behalf. This minimum link can vary from state to state as well as from tax to tax. Some nexus creating activities are obvious, others less so.

About PJCo

About Peisner JohnsonPeisner Johnson & Company is a CPA firm with a clear mission: Solve clients’ state tax problems. Because we focus exclusively on state and local taxes, we have developed a deep understanding of state tax issues. Our staff includes former state tax auditors and tax professionals from across the country, and our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience and our client-first mentality. We have consulted with thousands of companies doing business across the United States and Canada in virtually every industry.

What Others Say

You assumed the entire responsibility for all the work including the recovery of funds. And we hardly knew you were there. A special thanks to you for identifying for our team some additional savings on a go-forward basis. It was a great experience to have such a qualified, informed staff working for and representing our company. — Controller, Fortune 500 Company
The alarming thing is when you just don't know and you have no knowledge of what to ask or where to turn. Peisner Johnson is the firm with all the answers. Thanks for your help in our registration and answering our questions. We are now confident of our growth in the future knowing how to proceed. — Retail company
A state sales tax audit left us facing a considerable liability, but due to the efforts of Peisner Johnson, the end effect was not only a wash of the liability, penalty, and interest, but also a significant refund. We appreciate your expertise and the professional manner in which you represented our company with the State and our vendors. — Roger Elms, Controller, NCI Building Systems
While many other A/P review firms have someone on their staff that has some background in sales tax, they simply are not experts in working sales tax audits. We don't want to use anybody but experts who do this type of work 100 percent of the time. Peisner Johnson is the expert. — Manager, Fortune 500 health care company
Your hard work and integrity are refreshing in today's environment. Your diligent efforts resulted in the obtaining of $97,000. We will continue to work with you in the future. It will cost us money if we don't. — Controller, Automotive dealership
Peisner Johnson has helped us recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds for our company. Your knowledge of the sales and use tax laws in the various states in which we operate and how those laws apply to our business has benefited us tremendously. — CFO, Fortune 1000 Company
You kept your word. No interruptions. Just, 'Where's the coffee, the restrooms, and the last 12 months of AP files?' And the result: a substantial amount of money refunded to us. — Mark Bourg, Tax Manager, Enterra
Thanks for all your help in getting us through this event. [We have] nothing but high praise for you. We had the best to represent us. — Barbara Watts, Trace Elements
I was assured over and over that you wouldn't take time that I didn't have. But I was skeptical. Now that it is over, I must say, I was very pleased and surprised that you kept your word. — Controller, Fortune 1000 Company
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