Improve client outcomes with state & local tax support.


CPA Support for State & Local Taxes

If you’re a CPA, Accounting Firm, Bookkeeper, there’s probably one type of tax you don’t touch: state and local taxes (SALT).

And we can’t blame you. It’s messy and changes constantly.

The thing is, most of your clients have SALT issues to worry about. Some don’t know how much sales tax to remit from their transactions. And, some are probably under state audit.

Peisner Johnson helps you solve your clients’ SALT problems. We’ll stay on top of fast-changing tax laws and Wayfair drama so you don’t have to. This allows your clients to be more successful at what they love, and protects them from rogue SALT liability. All while saving you from countless hours buried in state and local tax laws and regulations.

Support Services for CPAs, Accounting Firms, and Bookkeepers:

If you know your client needs help, and you’re not sure what to do next, get some peace of mind by scheduling a “What’s Next?” call.