Resources & Support

State & Local Tax Support

Whether you're an ecommerce seller looking to understand nexus, or a CPA introducing SALT to your practice, access to the right tax support can make a huge difference. The below resources will help build expertise in state audits, Wayfair, automation and more.

Sales Tax Audit Help

The “The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Your Sales Tax Audit” is for business owners and professional tax advisors that want to minimize the total cost of a sales tax audit for themselves or their clients.

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CPAs & Accounting Firms

Peisner Johnson helps you solve your clients’ SALT problems. We’ll stay on top of fast-changing tax laws and Wayfair drama so you don’t have to.

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Guide to South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.

Here’s everything you need to know about the momentous 2018 Supreme Court case that established the sales tax landscape retailers and eCommerce sellers know (and don’t really love.)

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eCommerce Tax Consulting

We’re specialty state and local tax consultants serving ecommerce and online sellers. Whether you have a tax issue or need to get prepared, Peisner Johnson will handle your tax problems.

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Marketplace Facilitators/Sellers

Those selling online may feel confused regarding their responsibility for sales and use tax. That’s where we come in.

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We Like Automation (Mostly)

When it comes to tax rates, taxability determinations, and certificate management, we strongly encourage automation.

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