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We file tens of thousands of returns annually. Our sales tax specialists will help you get it right the first time.

Filing sales tax returns is tough work. States and local jurisdictions set their own rules for sales tax collection and how that tax is remitted, which means there are hundreds of rules for forms, dates, frequencies, and processes. If you have nexus in a number of states, you may have to file dozens of tax returns monthly, if not more.

To manage it properly, you’ll need a partner who can help you file accurately and on time. This is critical to keeping your business compliant while avoiding underpayments, overpayments, late penalties, and interest. Because the process can be so complex, many businesses turn to sales tax specialists for their skill and knowledge on state procedures.

Peisner Johnson has decades of experience filing sales tax in the US and Canada. We’re well versed in sales tax technicalities including the latest changes in regulations. Our experts make sure you file timely and accurately, saving you money and countless hours. A common myth regarding sales tax return services is that it’s expensive – it doesn’t have to be. Schedule a call with us and learn more about it.

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