We've been providing state and local tax (SALT) consulting services for almost 30 years.


Sales Tax Automation

We no longer use 50 binders full of thin pages of sales tax laws across the U.S.

We use personal computers. We use the Internet. And, we use and implement automation where automation works really well!

Historically, to assist our clients, we would perform deep dive research projects to help them know what purchases to pay tax on and what sales to collect tax on, and more importantly for audit purposes, the accurate sales or use tax rate to impose on their sales. Due to ever-changing laws across 45 states and the District of Columbia, this expensive deep dive was most accurate only on the day it was provided. More expensive was keeping this information up to date…

Enter Automation

Automated technology providers now provide very accurate tax rates along with very accurate taxability determinations on both sales and purchases. They offer these services in real-time and can connect directly to your accounting system, providing efficiencies and accuracy throughout every transaction. We use these tools, and we continue to be impressed with advancements in these tools. We promote these tools and help implement them for our clients. When it comes to tax rates, taxability determinations, and certificate management, we strongly encourage automation!

The Consultative Approach

Our clients also love automation where it works seamlessly and accurately. But, they also let us know why they appreciate having us involved. They like having a dedicated manager and team on their account. They like having unlimited phone and email support. They also like the consultative approach of getting recommendations beyond the answers “”data in/data out”” can provide.

Nexus Studies and Exposure Reviews

Nexus is based on certain activities (Physical, Economic, Transactional) that have effective dates and compliance requirements. This data is simple to have in an automated system that can identify your nexus footprint and the date it began, resulting in the date you had a responsibility to comply with the law. Automating the recommendations could result in steps that may not be in the best interest of the recipient. The data out is only as good as they data in, and the recommended steps that a taxpayer should take are best made after a consultation regarding many other factors. It may seem like a small nuance, however, it could result in six to seven figures out of pocket for uncollected taxes versus no money out of pocket for uncollected tax.

That’s worth a consultation with a state and local tax consultant you can reach on an unlimited basis. The most common recommendations after a nexus study and exposure review is registrations, deregistrations, or voluntary disclosure programs. The last thing you need when making these decisions is to register where you don’t need to, deregister where you shouldn’t have, register for time period you shouldn’t have, or enter into a voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA) where the benefit falls short of the cost to engage. we offer peace of mind and confidence when it comes to making these decisions and when fulfilling these services on behalf of our clients.

Sales Tax Return Services

We prepare and file tens of thousands of returns for our clients every year. We also support and manage return services for our clients that are provided by automated technology providers. Either way, our clients greatly appreciate the approach we use to ensure that their returns are filed timely and accurately. Questions inevitably come up, errors occasionally occur, and clients are often unsure how to best manage their automated solution. Time and again we hear from our clients that they appreciate our attention to detail, our efforts to promote their interests, and the peace of mind they feel when we’re involved.

Our technology partners help our clients, and they help us help our clients. And, we’re grateful for the vast improvements in automation in the industry. If you want to know how automation can help you, we should chat. Peace of mind is a “What’s Next?” call away.”