Sales Tax Automation Done Right

The landscape of sales tax has undergone a remarkable transformation with the introduction of automation softwares. But make sure you don’t set it and forget it, because you’ll end up regretting it.

Which sales tax automations actually work

Revolutionizing sales tax using automation software

In the not-so-distant past, managing sales tax involved navigating through an arduous process, including poring over numerous binders filled with pages of complex sales tax laws that varied across the United States. Each sale required meticulous research to determine the applicable sales tax.

However, with ever-evolving sales tax laws across 45 states and the District of Columbia, businesses needed a more efficient and accurate solution. The answer: automation. Today, thanks to automated technology providers, companies have access to precise tax rates and taxability determinations for both sales and purchases. These services offer real-time functionality and seamless integration with accounting systems, revolutionizing the way businesses handle their sales tax.

The Power of Automation

Businesses no longer need to maintain binders filled with sales tax laws or spend extensive time on deep-dive research. Automation simplifies the process and ensures that tax rates and taxability determinations are precise for every transaction. At Peisner Johnson, we embrace these tools, leveraging their capabilities to provide our clients with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in sales tax management. Our commitment to automation reflects the industry's progress in making sales tax compliance more accessible and manageable.
What sales tax automation actually works
Peisner Johsnon takes a consultative approach

The Consultative Approach

While automation has streamlined many aspects of sales tax management, our clients also appreciate the consultative approach that we bring to the table. Automation is incredibly effective when it operates seamlessly and accurately, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our clients value having a dedicated team and manager responsible for their accounts. This level of personal engagement is a distinctive aspect of our service. It ensures that our clients receive support beyond the standard "data in, data out" approach provided by automation.

Navigating Nexus and Exposure Events

Nexus, whether it arises from physical, economic, or transactional activities, involves distinct rules with effective dates and compliance requirements. While an automated system can readily identify your nexus footprint and its commencement date, the decisions that follow are not always straightforward. Automated solutions can generate recommendations that may not necessarily align with a business's best interests. It's a classic case of "garbage in, garbage out." Critical decisions like registrations, deregistrations, or participating in voluntary disclosure programs must consider numerous factors, making a consultation with a state and local tax consultant invaluable. Our consultations ensure that clients make informed decisions, potentially saving them from substantial uncollected tax liabilities that could otherwise be avoided.
What sales tax automation actually works

Sales tax management

Never worry about your clients sales tax compliance again.
Delegated sales tax management
White-glove service
Return preparation and filing
Management of notices
Tracking of credits
Periodic nexus reviews
All jurisdictions (U.S. & Canada)
Unlimited email & phone support
Dedicated sales tax team
Custom reporting

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