State tax audit defense

We love fighting audits, and our goal is always the same... end with a refund.

Does anybody even like the word, “Audit”? The very word can tend to bring negative connotations.

In our decades of experience fighting State Tax Audits, we haven’t come across anyone that was excited about being notified they were going to be audited by a state or local tax authority.

There are many aspects to defending an audit, and there is a lot of value in having experienced consultants participate in the process. We believe this so much, we have actually written, and provide for free, “The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Your Sales Tax Audit.” This guide is full of decades of experience and important recommendations for helping you minimize the total cost of a state tax audit.

It can get complicated, it can get costly, or you may just not want to deal with it… that’s where Peisner Johnson comes in. We love fighting audits, and our goal is always the same…end with a refund.

Our audit support services come in the level that works for you: We can support you in the background from answering questions by phone or email, to reviewing documents, to developing arguments, to providing regulatory support, to onsite reviews, and all the way up to administrative representation.

Audit Troubles?

Whether you’ve been notified of an audit, currently in the midst of an audit, or just wrapped up an audit, we want to hear from you. We can help! Peace of mind is a ‘What’s Next’ call away.
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