"Don't Nobody Go Nowhere"

What a trip to Hawaii can teach you about the need for clear communication with your auditor.
Updated: October 26, 2022
Originally Posted:
March 5, 2019


communication with an auditor

Recently we were at a gate at an airport and had just been told that our plane was being taken out of service because of a “maintenance issue”. Our much-anticipated trip to Hawaii was in jeopardy!

Anxious passengers began to crowd around the gate area while others seemed to be hurrying off to the ticketing desks trying to beat the inevitable line. Just then the gate agent boomed out: “Don’t nobody go nowhere!” and everybody froze. We knew exactly what to do now.

But that’s incorrect usage of the language! Yes. When you really analyze it, it’s full of double negatives. So maybe what it really means is “Someone go somewhere”, or maybe it’s “Anyone go anywhere” even!

But neither of those make sense. The bottom line is we knew that all of us should stay put and listen for the next instruction.

And it’s a good thing we did because we soon found out there was another plane coming from a nearby hangar and we’d just be moving one gate over and all was well!

And isn’t that really the whole point of communication? That the message the sender intended for the receiver is actually what the receiver got?

The same is true when you are dealing with a sales tax audit. So much about keeping a sales tax audit assessment to a minimum comes down to establishing good communication with the auditor from the outset and then maintaining it throughout the entire process.

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