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Do You Have Nexus in IL?

Illinois issued a recent letter ruling with some specific examples of activities that create sales tax nexus in their state. And I quote:

  • “The United States Supreme Court in Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 112 S.Ct. 1904 (1992), set forth the current guidelines for determining what nexus requirements must be met before a person is properly subject to a state’s tax laws. The Supreme Court has set out a 2-prong test for nexus.

  • “The first prong is whether the Due Process Clause is satisfied. Due process will be satisfied if the person or entity purposely avails itself or himself of the benefits of an economic market in a forum state. Quill at 1910. “

That’s the first prong, it’s their commenary on the second prong of the test that is interesting.

  • “The second prong of the Supreme Court’s nexus test requires that, if due process requirements have been satisfied, the person or entity must have physical presence in the forum state to satisfy the Commerce Clause. A physical presence is not limited to an office or other physical building. Under Illinois law, it also includes the presence of any agent or representative of the seller. The representative need not be a sales representative. Any type of physical presence in the State of Illinois, including the vendor’s delivery and installation of his product on a repetitive basis, will trigger Use Tax collection responsibilities. “

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