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Did You Collect (or Pay) That Michigan Sales Tax On Services for 10 Days?

If you collected it or paid it, then you may be in the refund business.
Effective December 1, 2007, a 6% Michigan use tax was enacted on certain taxable services. That new tax was vastly unpopular and was repealed but not until December 10, 2007. What to do for the interim? Here's the answer (from CCH): A person that provided any service subject to the tax and collected the tax beginning December 1, 2007, before the legislation that repealed the service tax was signed into law, must return the amount of the tax to the person that received the service or remit the tax to the Department of Treasury, and the person that received the service may apply for a refund of the tax. A person that fails to remit any tax collected from a person that received a service is subject to penalties unless the collected tax was returned to the person that received the service.

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