We Partner with You

Founded in 1992, Peisner Johnson focuses exclusively on state and local taxes. We do not do any federal or general accounting work. Because our focus is narrow but deep, our services complement rather than compete with CPA firms’ services.

Why Work with PJCo?

The major reasons why other CPA firms, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and other tax professionals collaborate with us are:

  • To better serve your clients by offering additional services to your existing client base.
  • To protect against client attrition and keep clients from taking their business to competitors who offer state and local tax services.
  • To bring in additional clients by providing state and local tax services.
  • To keep up with rapidly changing state laws, better protecting and serving your clients and your firm.
  • To have other types of profitable work to do during non-busy seasons.

When a question about state taxes arises, we want PJCo to be the first resource that comes to mind. We offer several resources, such as webinars with CPE credit, taxability charts for your reference, sales tax rates, and state tax updates.


The Peisner Johnson wants to be the name that you think of when an issue or question concerning state and local taxes arises. We achieve our mission through the following four tenets:

  1. Knowledge – We provide you with an increasing number of truly educational webinars and seminars, which will provide you with a base of state and local tax knowledge, along with CPE credit.
  2. Support - We support you by providing free charts, rates, white papers, and other resources. We also invite you to call and bounce ideas off us or ask for our opinions on how you can assist your clients.
  3. Products and Services - We offer a full range of products and services that your clients may need.
  4. Partnering Opportunities - We partner with you on either a disclosed or anonymous basis.

"The sales and use tax review you did for our company reaped huge benefits. Peisner Johnson handled the entire process from the research of our records to the collection of funds. Then you came back and gave our entire staff a training seminar in which you used OUR vendor files as teaching tools. Never has a training session been so applicable, to the point, and had so much impact."

Chris Pattillo 
Vesuvius USA

Case Studies

Read a few examples of how Peisner Johnson has worked with other CPAs to solve a state tax problem: