Exemption Certificate Solutions


Exemption Certificate Solutions

The collection and management of exemption certificates is a vital process that is integral in protecting against inflated audit assessments. Ensuring that your certificates will be acceptable in an audit can be a time-consuming task. This task can often made harder due to a lack of training, tools, appropriate staffing or time constraints. Our motto at Peisner Johnson is we solve state tax problems and when it comes to exemption certificates we offer the following solutions to make your life easier.


Hotspot Review:

In our free Hotspot review, we take a 10,000-foot look at nexus, tax

rates, taxability, exemption certificates, and use tax. On the exemption

certificate component we usually  spot check 25 random certificates for

the issues an auditor would usually deem a certificate to be invalid.



Process Review:

In a process review, we examine and evaluate your current process and

make recommendations, if needed,  on how to improve it. Improvements

may result in better protection for the company, greater efficiencies in the

process or an overall easier customer experience.

This review is usually performed in conjunction with a certificate exposure review.


Exposure Review:

In an exposure review, we can examine a sample or certificates or all

certificates, to see if the certificate is on file and if so whether the certificate

is likely to be acceptable to an auditor.



If a certificate is missing, incomplete or has the common issues that

create problems in an audit, we can work with your customer to either

collect or correct a certificate.



We can provide training as to what certificates are acceptable in each

state as well as some best practices.



We can provide varying levels of support on an ongoing basis.


Specialized Software:

We can provide you access to cloud-based software that in addition to

being able to centrally store your certificates offers a plethora of tools

to make certificate management easier.


Validation Services:

We can provide validation services for new certificates as they come in.

Checking to make sure they are on the correct form, completely filled

out as well as being signed and dated.


Outsourced Solution:

We can provide a mix of any or all of the above solutions that

enables you to be generally free of all stages of the certificate.

management process except for the initial request of the certificate.