Compliance Services

Are You Compliant?

We offer several services that fall under the umbrella of compliance. These are usually labor intensive, tedious, time-consuming activities that must be performed to keep you out of trouble. We have met very few individuals who actually enjoy these repetitive activities.

Keeping up with the wide range of state and local tax issues relating to filings, rates, taxability, exemption certificates, licenses, registrations, nexus, and other issues can be a burden. These necessary tasks often put strains on resources as well as employees which could be better utilized elsewhere.

Our compliance services are designed to provide you with the flexibility you require to decide how to utilize your resources in the most efficient manner. We provide a wide range of solutions from total outsourcing to process improvement and everything in between. These solutions will help you avert overpayments, manage costs, reduce audit risk, and make your life simpler.

Compliance-Related Services

  • Sales tax return filing
    • Use tax accrual systems
    • Nexus determination
    • Taxability determination
    • Rates
  • Property Tax
    • Personal property tax renditions and filings
    • Personal Property tax appeals
    • Real property assessment & bill tracking
  • Registrations
    • State tax registration and de-registration
    • State unemployment registration
    • State withholding registration
    • Secretary of State registration
    • Registered agent services
  • Annual report filing
  • Business license obtention and management
  • Exemption certificate management
  • Unclaimed property

Case Study

The Situation: A Large Advertising Company was spending 80 hours a month with considerable mistakes and headaches compiling, collating, and manually filling out numerous state and local tax returns. As a result a lot of projects were falling behind.

The PJCo Result: With PJCo's proprietary software system the headaches were relieved and mistakes eliminated. Eighty hours of manpower is now used more productively on other strategic tax functions and returns are processed perfectly and punctually every month at a tremendous savings.

Quote: "Too much time on such necessary but mundane tasks impaired our ability to complete needed tax planning and other accounting needs. Peisner Johnson provided the workable solution that relieved us from the headache of dealing with all the returns, mistakes and questions, not to mention the savings. Impressive technology and people."