The Biggest Tragedy in Sales Tax

The biggest tragedy in sales tax is more common than you might assume. Learn how to prevent it from happening to you.

Why Nexus is Even an Issue

Find out how the Government and businesses interpret the law to determine nexus.

Nexus Creating Activities

You only have nexus if you have inventory in another state right? Wrong. Find out what counts as nexus.

5 Most Common Nexus Creating Activities

Did you know that independent reps in other states count as nexus? Learn the 5 most common nexus creating activities and what to do if you participate in them.

Sales Tax Nexus For Foreign Online Sellers

Are you a foreign online seller wanting to sell in the US? Don't worry, we can help you too.

Biggest Tragedy in Sales Tax for Sellers in the US

 PJCo can help if you are worried about paying years of back taxes, penalties and interest.

Online Sales

Intro to PJCo for Overseas Online Sellers

Struggling to figure out the state tax rules in the US? You're not alone. There is so much incorrect information out there. We can clear things up for you.

Materiality is the Key for Overseas Online Sellers

 Nexus in a US state is where it starts, but even if you have nexus, you don't need to worry about it, if your sales volumes are not enough.

5 Dumbest Ideas Online Sellers Have When it Comes to Sales Tax

 You are smart to try and sell in the US and PJCo is smart when it comes to state tax. Watch the video to see how PJCo can help simplify the process.

5 Dumbest Ideas Overseas Sellers Have When it Comes to Sales Tax

in the US

FBA sellers are a savvy group, no doubt! But they've been given some bad information when it comes to sales tax.

Materiality is the Key to Dealing With Sales Tax Nexus for US Online Sellers

 It all starts with nexus, this is true, but if your volume of sales is low in a particular state, you can safely ignore the nexus problem.

What if I Ignore the Sales Tax?

Is sales tax in the US really something we should worry about? There are a lot of people who seem to be hyping this up. Peisner can clear up some of the worry for most online sellers.