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FBA Sellers Ask: How Can I Have Sales Tax Nexus?

        By Michael J. Fleming   In our many webinars, individual conversations and review of community forums, the question of nexus is perhaps one the most misunderstood and hotly debated topics. There are usually a series ofRead more

Criminal Penalties Possible in Sales Tax?

  Things happen. Inadvertently, perhaps, but sometimes filings aren’t made on time and sometimes payments aren’t made on time. The financial penalties can mount up very quickly. But what about criminal penalties? You might be surprised how many states haveRead more

Defective or Missing Exemption Certificates Can Kill You in a Sales Tax Audit

    By Michael J. Fleming   Missing or defective exemption certificates are one of the leading causes of inflated sales tax audit assessments. And this problem seems to be growing every year. The reasons are varied, ranging from aRead more